Purchasing Guide | Pedestal Fans VS Tower Fans


Stand Fans/Pedestal Fans

Although both of them are stand in the space, their functions are total different. First of all, the output of stand fan is more powerful than the tower fan. Because of its large pedestal, it could strongly push the air flow. Stand fan also can be called electric pedestal fan. The powerful standing fan could be placed in the wider place. Our website also published a article which particularly writes about the stand fan. If you have interest to know more information about stand fan, you could check here: Buyers Guide: Are stand fans good?

Tower Fans

As for the tower fans is a lean, tower-shaped fan which is stationed on a base over which it oscillates. The tower fan output air at 90°. You don’t disregard the size of the fan. It is because most tower fans are designed with an inbuilt air purifier and dehumidifier. Furthermore, most tower fans are silent. The tower may be leam and long, fully-equipped.

Here I will make a brief comparison between tower fan and stand fan.

Pros & Cons


Stand fans/Pedestal Fans Tower Fans
Pros Easy to control; Strong airflow output Multi-functions; Space saver;Safety
Cons Noise Less airflow output



Stand Fans/ Pedestal Fans:

·Easy to control: You can easily control the direction of the air without having to physically move the unit.electric pedestal fan

·Strong airflow output: With its stable pedestal, the stand fan could provide more air flow output in a stable occasion. It could be an ideal choice for larger room.

·Noise: In contrast, because of its function devices, it makes more noise than stand fans make. Furthermore, the stand fan is a traditional style fan which can not provide customers many styles.


Tower Fans:

·Multi-functions: As mentioned above, most tower fans are quipped with air purifier which could ease the customers’ allergic symptoms. Some tower fans also with a dust filter removes dust particles from the air to help reduce airborne allergens which could cause allergies and asthma.

·Space Saver: In contrast, the design of tower fan is more simpler than stand fan, which don’t demonstrate too much space. If you don’t want the furniture occupy too much space, the tower fans could be just the ticket.

·Safety: Because of the design, the tower fans without blades are extremely safe. You don’t need to worry about there are fast-spinning blades hurts your children.

·Less Airflow Output: Generally speaking, the tower fans are less powerful than stand fans/pedestal fans. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to place a tower fan in the larger rooms.



After reading this article, you have already known the differences between stand fans and tower fans. Actually, there is no one type of fan can be the best type of fan. Only the fan which could meet your need is your best fans. If you are searching for top quality brands fans supplier, you could find Bowin, a reliable fan company.

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